E-mail: uprava@kgz-ribnica.si; info@leseni-izdelki.si


Kmetijsko gozdarska zadruga z.o.o. Ribnica


The Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative Ribnica z.o.o. is the legal successor of all cooperatives that existed and operated in the area of the present municipalities of Ribnica, Loški Potok, and Sodražica, where the first agriculture cooperative in the area of Ribnica was established in 1909.


Today the Cooperative has 110 members, mainly farmers and craftsmen who produce woodenware generally known as “SUHA ROBA”. The Cooperative with its 48 employees has the vision and aim to become the leading organization and supplier of reproduction material for agriculture and Suha Roba production in the region and thus meet the needs of all costumers, members and workers.


In 1992, the Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative Ribnica, existing and operating for more than 100 years, acquired its present form after it adapted to new cooperative legislation.

It is classified as a small company with approximately 6.5 million € annual turnover. The Cooperative consists of four business-economic activities:

  • Buying-in of agricultural crops
  • SUHA ROBA – organization of woodenware production, its completion, storage,
  • packaging, and marketing
  • Retail in food and technical stores in Ribnica, Kočevje, Sodražica, and Loški Potok
  • Other activities

Ownership: cooperative ownership of 110 members.


The Cooperative is led and represented by its director, whereas the management is conducted by 9 members of administrative board with its president who is at the same time the president of the Cooperative.

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