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Buying-in of milk


The Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative Ribnica conducts buying-in of milk in the area of Municipalities Ribnica and Sodražica. The milk is delivered by 36 producers. The annual quantity is approximately 1,750,000 litres of quality milk which is then sold to Ljubljanske Mlekarne. The buying-in is conducted by four common “collectors” and by 28 individual producers with the status of collectors. Regular buying-in and competitive prices are guaranteed to all producers. The buying-in of milk is offered to all members of the Cooperative and other milk producers inside and outside the Cooperative area.


Buying-in of livestock


In the range of agricultural activity the Cooperative conducts organized buying-in of livestock which is then mainly sold on domestic – Slovenian market. We are buying-in calves, bulls, heifers and cows for slaughter; the annual quantity is approximately 220 heads of livestock. Also the transport of livestock for slaughter is organized. The livestock is purchased according to daily competitive prices and agreed terms of payment.


Buying-in and final settlement of livestock and milk

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